You don’t have to go
through this alone.

Today, infertility is a costly and stressful concern for millions of women and men.

FamilyPath offers hopeful parents comprehensive benefits for a safer and more affordable journey to parenthood.

Getting started doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

FamilyPath fertility advisors are available to support you on your journey.

Your FamilyPath benefits will guide you to resources that will help you achieve your goals, locate the right physician for you and receive expert pharmacy care.

Helping you achieve your goals

We know everyone’s path to parenthood is different. Your FamilyPath benefits include a dedicated fertility advisor who provides all the support and resources you need on your journey to starting a family. Whether it is choosing a fertility specialist, navigating treatment options or managing complex fertility medication regimens – your fertility advisor is there every step of the way.

Your dedicated FamilyPath fertility advisor will help you:

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Select a board-certified fertility specialist

Fertility Medication Icon

Manage fertility medications, including supplies, shipments and potential side effects

Emotional Support Icon

Connect with resources for emotional support

Explore Treatment Options Icon

Explore the best treatment options for your unique situation

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Understand success rates and minimize health risks

Post Birth Education Icon

Take advantage of post-birth education and services

Finding the right physician for you

Not all fertility practices provide the same results. FamilyPath’s comprehensive network includes board-certified fertility specialists that have met rigorous criteria in order to participate in the network; they consistently meet or exceed national success averages – delivering better care and outcomes for you and your family. We’ll help match you with a physician that’s just right for you and even help schedule your first appointment.

During your first appointment, be sure to be prepared with a list of questions.

Some questions to ask may include:

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How many reproductive endocrinologists are in your office and will I always see the same doctor?

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What is your policy or approach around single vs. multiple embryo transfer?

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What services and procedures does your office offer?

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Do you publish your practice’s data or statistics? If so, where?

Delivering expert pharmacy care

FamilyPath’s preferred pharmacy, Freedom Fertility, has 25+ years of dedicated fertility expertise delivering care, compassion and peace of mind to hopeful parents undergoing time-sensitive and highly customized treatment.

Freedom’s fertility-focused clinicians are available 24/7 to help guide your medication administration and side effects while our national footprint helps ensure you get your medication when you need it – sometimes even on the same day.

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    “During such an emotionally charged procedure related to fertility, it’s comforting speaking with people that get it. My husband and I are thankful.”

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    “Freedom Pharmacy went above and beyond for me. I had an unexpected rush order on a Sunday with minimal notice and you guys not only made it happen but got it done faster than I expected. This saved me tremendous amounts of anxiety, in addition to the thousands of dollars I would have lost on wasted meds had I not gotten my medication on time.”

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    “I was extremely impressed with the speed at which my order was processed. I had something like 6 medications, all of which needed to get approved by insurance, and it happened within 2 days. And I got prompt calls with updates and clear explanations for everything throughout the whole process. The fertility process is extremely stressful, and it really makes a huge difference when something goes so smoothly – thank you!”

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